Our solution

Is a modular, on-demand and flexible.

You only pay for what you need, the price is process based, so any company or team size can implement it, and with the fastest implementation time in the market, just 24 hours per manufacturing site/team.

PPAP Manager by Kiuey | Manage your PPAP / APQP processes


Streamline the PPAP and APQP approval process using our unique, optimized workflows

SCAR/CAPA Manager | Kiuey | Supplier Corrective Actions Tool


Kick-off and track the status of your SCARs and the cost of poor quality

Supplier Audits Manager by Kiuey | Supplier Quality Management Software

Supplier Audits Manager

Minimize risk and foster accountability in your supplier base

AVL Supplier Manager | Kiuey

AVL Supplier Manager

Ensure your suppliers meet your qualification requirements and measure their performance.


Incoming Inspection

Create sampling plans and capture suppliers’ defects to drive continuos improvement.

Reduce Quality Costs and increase your efficiency

Save time and money with Kiuey

Kiuey is a cloud-based solution that streamlines and automates the supplier quality processes, saving up to 50% of the time and resources, reducing the cost of poor quality, ensuring compliance with industry standards, and improving your product’s quality.

Our benefits

Kiuey provides instant benefits to the supplier development area and to all the organization.

Reduce Time

With our streamlined workflows, you can reduce the time and cost invested in these tasks by 50%

Real Time Analytics

Extract analytics and metrics from the processes for better business and sourcing decisions.

Ensure Compliance

Meet the industry standards requirements and have all your processes always available for audits.


Trace all events in the processes and have all the information available, anytime, anywhere.

The fastest implementation time in the market. Ask us how!!

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Improve efficiency
& process time

Your engineers will focus on the tasks that really matter for improve quality.

  • Dashboard facilitates tracking and decision making
  • Collaborative processes
  • Everything is perfectly organized
  • Real-time notifications for better communication.
  • Same portal to manage all your supplier collaboration

Easy, secure and connected

Completely scalable, enterprise-ready, and flexible enough to comply with all your company requirements.

  • Reliable and Secure Platform
  • Integrate with your legacy system
  • World-class cloud infrastructure with a 99.9% of uptime and automated scalability.
  • Easy deployment, less than 24 hours

Real time metrics and reports

Get insights from your supply base and Identify areas of improvement.

Report Builder

Get custom reports from our report builder, and export data so you can create new ones.

Business metrics

Get the metrics required in your audits, and measure your process performance.

Bringing value across industries

We enable our customers to comply with IATF, VDA 6.3, ISO 9001 and IAQG/AS9145, and we help companies across different industries to adopt PPAP methodology to improve quality on part validation.


Automotive and transportation


Consumer goods and electronics

Showcase with angle grinders in power tool store closeup, nobody. Choice of equipment in hardware shop, electrical instrument in supermarket

Construction Equipment


Aerospace and defense


Medical devices manufacturing

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